Energy-Efficient Heating in Everett, Washington

Resolve your home comfort concerns with energy-efficient heating solutions from Heat King Mechanical of Everett, Washington.


Same-Day Service
Call us at (425) 409-4661 to find out about same-day services. Ask for a free estimate on complete home heating installation. Our prices start at:

Complete Maintenance & Tune-up—$99
Gas or Electric Service Calls—$99
Furnace Replacements, Gas or Electric, including Installation— From $1,969

Heat Pumps Pay Their Own Way
Heat pumps are available at a nominal additional cost. In many locales, the payback is realized in just a few months. Indoor air quality is directly relevant to allergy relief, overall good respiratory function, and general health.

In hot weather, heat pumps provide indoor comfort by removing heat and humidity from indoor air, just as conventional air conditioners do. The heat and humidity is released to the outdoors. Their high-efficiency design saves energy and reduces cooling costs.

In cool weather, the heat pump draws heat from outdoor air and uses it to heat indoor air. Since heat is transferred, not produced, the heat pump uses less electricity and reduces energy costs significantly.

Heat Pump, Energy Efficient Heating in Stanwood, WA

Heat Pump, Energy Efficient Heating in Stanwood, WA

Rheem® Heat Pumps
Rheem is the best choice you can make to keep your home comfortable. We provide the finest heating and cooling solutions in the business with top-quality products featuring the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties, and excellent service and support. Our line of Rheem Heat Pumps includes:

RPNL-*AZ Series
RPQL-*AZ Series
More Heat Pumps from Rheem

Heil® Heat Pumps
Energy-saving 15 SEER efficiency saves on monthly energy bills. Our 5-year No-Hassle Replacement™  limited warranty provides a replacement unit should the compressor or outdoor coil fail within the first 5 years. All Heil products include a 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts. Our inventory includes:
15 Seer DX-1500
13 Seer DX-1300
13/15 Heat Pump More Heat Pumps from Heil

Rheem® Furnaces
A step up in design, technology, and efficiency saves you money and headaches. Count on Rheem for quality furnaces in a reasonable price range. Our selection includes:
• RGPT Series
• RGRM Series
• RGTM Series
• RGRC Series
• RGTC Series
More Furnaces from Rheem

Heil® Furnaces
The two-stage system operates at low heat most of the time and automatically modulates to higher heat production if the temperature drops. Heil Furnaces include a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year warranty on all parts. We provide a wide range of Heil furnaces to choose from, including:
• 92% VS 90 Series Gas Furnace
• 80% VS 80 Series Gas Furnace
• IIS 90 Series Gas Furnace
• 80% AFU 80 2 Stage Gas Furnace
More Furnaces from Heil


Why Buy New?
New equipment is efficient in both energy conservation and long-term cost. It is vitally important to replace damaged equipment before
disaster strikes.

Contact us for professional furnace installation service.